Micro Sclerotherapy

Micro sclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating superficial telangiectasia, also commonly known as thread veins (TV). The thread veins are treated by injecting a solution called sclerosing agent into the veins. Micro sclerotherapy has been safely and effectively performed since 1920's.


Alternative forms of management include not treating the TV, relief of symptoms from wearing graduated support stockings or where needed, surgical intervention.


In order to obtain the best result several treatment sessions to each area may be required. The number will depend on the following factors: 

 The extent and nature of the veins

 The individual reaction to the treatment


Normally between 2 and 6 sessions will be required depending on the extent of the veins. This can only be an estimate and may be revised at any stage of the treatment. You will be advised of this.


The treated area often appears worse for approximately 7-10 days post treatment due to the irritation effect of the treatment


It can take between 6-12 weeks to see the full effect of each treatment session and there is no guarantee that a big improvement will be seen. Even after successful treatment, TV's can reoccur and may require further treatments


During the treatment session, a burning sensation may be felt during the injection and the treatment site may develop temporary superficial blebs or wheals. Following each treatment session, the area may become red with small dark bruises at the injection site. The area may be swollen and tender to touch. The area should be kept clean and dry. Very rarely superficial clot formation, bleeding and or temporary phlebitis can occur at the treatment site. In very rare cases Deep Vein Thrombosis can occur and will require urgent medical attention. 


On rare occasions ulcers/sloughing can occur at the injection site. This is a recognised complication. The ulcers are normally very small and heal to leave fine white marks bur very rarely they can be larger and take longer periods of time to heal. If this problem occurs, cover with a clean dry dressing and contact your practitioner for further advice. In exceptional circumstances an ulcer formation can result in a visible permanent scar.


On very rare occasions allergic reactions (normally skin rash) can occur to the injected solutions. Should this occur, it will be shortly after injection and will be dealt with by your practitioner at the time.


Transient hyperpigmentation (brown pigmentation) may occur in the treatment area post treatment. It is nearly always temporary and usually takes a few weeks but can take some months to disappear


Compression garments are recommended to wear for 72 hours following treatment. These should be purchased prior to your treatment to wear before leaving the clinic after your treatment. A recommended compression sock is 

VENOSAN Support line Compression Socks 18-22mmHg and can be sourced from


It is advised to take a 10-minute walk immediately after treatment to encourage circulation.

It is not advised to undertake the following for 72 hours post treatment:

 Excessive exercise or sport or any form of high-pressure activity to the legs

 Hot baths/showers/saunas

 Avoid any trauma to the area

These guidelines should be followed for longer if there is excessive bruising to the area.


All treatments performed 6 weeks apart