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Meet our non-surgical body sculpting & contouring specialist Jen

Get the body you desire without the risk & cost of surgery, sculpt your curves, erase your cellulite & melt all your unwanted fat away!!!

Jen also specialises in eliminating loose & saggy skin with her revolutionary skin tightening treatments

Jen uses the latest non-surgical breakthrough treatment in body contouring, the procedure combines fat busting elements which work by stimulating the fat cells causing a change in the cell membrane, the cells are then broken down further using pulses to destroy the fat cell which then improves skin tone, reduces cellulite & activates collagen production 

No more unwanted fat cells… 

Treatment areas 


 Skin tightening

Always delivering UNREAL but very REAL results!!!

This is what to expect when you commit to a course of our body contouring treatments.

Our body contouring treatments use a mixture of cavitation & radio frequency. The amazing procedure gives your body a very powerful three-dimensional treatment by breaking down your unwanted fat cells! It does this by using cavitation & radio frequency via the contouring machine, it then uses your lymphatic drainage system and kidneys to excrete the fat cells away for good!

For the ‘booty lift’ it dissolves the fat at the top of your legs & then pushes the dissolved fat cells into the buttock area, using suction. This improves skin tone and reduces cellulite whilst creating a very pert booty and thigh gap!

Results are insane, & they are immediate but also continue to work over the upcoming weeks. All areas of the body can be treated apart from the face.