Fat Dissolving

What is DesoFace and DesoBody? 

DesoFace and DesoBody is designed to remove fat deposits. 
The active ingredient is Deoxycholic Acid, and the treatment is injected into fatty areas, where it liquefies fat cells. 
These cells are then broken down & naturally removed by the kidneys. 

• DesoFace reduces localised adiposity and drains excess fluid. 
It can be very helpful for fat around chins.

• DesoBody has a higher concentration of Deocycholic Acid and reduces localised adiposity, making your skin firmer. Both work on stubborn pockets of fat that exercise, and diet won’t affect. 

DesoFace and DesoBody work on the chin, stomach, thighs, saddle bags, knees, and back.


How is DesoFace and DesoBody administered?

This treatment is usually administered using a needle or cannula, and the whole session will take around 30-45 minutes.

What results can I expect from DesoFace and DesoBody?

The results can be permanent. 
It can take up to 8 weeks to see complete results, and larger areas can require more sessions to see results. 

Some redness and swelling should be expected but will quickly improve. 
You may also experience bruising and mild pain but, again, that will quickly improve.